Anyone home?

Have I really been away from my knitting blog for almost a year?  I have no idea how that happened… well, maybe a little I do.  The funding for my job was cut at the beginning of November, and I was let go.  I pretty much stopped knitting or spinning for several months as I descended into a funk.  I knit a couple of things that were requested, but otherwise I lost all love of the things I love for awhile.

I got through the holidays and the new year and started to come back to myself.  The knitting started up again.  The photo taking has been woefully inadequate, but I hope to be rectifying that soon.

Meanwhile, just here to remind myself I have a blog before things get to crazy with the training I’m starting next month.


This past weekend went quite nicely. The Husband and I went down to Santa Cruz to see some friends. I got to hang out with Kalendar Girl and knit while basking in the slightly breezy 72 F Santa Cruz weather (it was 91 F when we left Mountain View). She introduced me to a cute new knitting store called Swift Stitch. There was a French bakery where I got a strange latte (They steamed the milk, poured it in a glass, then poured in the shoot of espresso… I had to find a spoon to mix it together because the espresso just hung right beneath the foam… weird). I ended up being naughty and buying myself a new purse from the silk store that was next to the knitting store. The purse was hanging on an outside display, and I found my eye being drawn to it while I was knitting. After awhile I just had to get a closer look… it’s an unusual looking purse. It’s made by Oovoo Design. The bag I got looks similar to their Baroque Baggy… the colors and stitching is similar, but the shape is completely different. I’ll have to take a picture tonight to share.

After knitting and purse buying adventures, my friend and I headed back to her place where The Husband was to cook dinner for us and a few other friends. Very tasty, but simple food. And it was a lot of fun to just spend time with friends that we hadn’t seen for a couple months.

Sunday was more adventurous. The Husband and I have been discussing buying a new bed for at least the last 6 months. Sleeptrain was advertising a sale with no interest till 2007. So, we headed off to take another look at the Sleep Number beds. Testing a couple of models out convinced us this was the way to go (The Husband likes his bed firm while I like a softer bed). The salesman we got was great, lots of fun to talk to, and he gave us a tremendous break on the bed, quoting a price that was $300 less than a guy at a different store quoted us for a less plush model. How could we say no?

Because we ordered the bed before 2 pm, we were able to get same day delivery. Same day delivery of course meant that I had to find my bedroom floor before the delivery guys showed up expecting to set up the new bed for us. I was at it for about an hour and a half, but I found the floor in front of our closet, managed to get clutter off a few flat surfaces, and even wiped away months worth of dust. So, aside from a couple of clutter hotspots in my bedroom, it looks the best it’s ever looked since we moved in 2.5 years ago. Quite the workout.

The Husband was taking care of laundry while I tackled the dust bunnies, so we had nice new clean sheets to put on the new bed. We spent a good hour playing with the controls, trying to find where each of us thought felt the best. I think I still need to experiment a bit more; the setting I used last night might have been a bit too soft. But, this is such an improvement over a spring mattress with memory foam that’s come down with Alzheimer’s.