Trying Out Design

I’ve been knitting for something like 12 years now.  Somewhere along the line I started planning out some patterns on my own as well as adapting others (e.g., the Little Sailor Girl saga from a couple years ago).  Last year, my friend La, who runs Dizzy Blonde Studios, asked if I’d be interested in designing something for the Mean Girls’ Yarn Club.  I got the yarn from her at Stitches West in February and got to work.

I knew I wanted to do socks, and La liked that because most of the patterns that have been designed for the club so far have been shawls and mitts.  I knew that the theme of the package I was designing for was Single White Female.  I saw the movie so long ago, the only thing I could really remember was that the mean girl killed a guy with a stiletto heel.  Ah, the seed of an idea…

Given that the yarn La gave me was high contrast, I decided to do something with slipped stitches.  So, I knew I wanted a single stream of slipped stitches, stiletto-like going down the foot.  After playing around with a couple of ideas, I settled on this:


The pattern is currently only available to Mean Girls’ Yarn Club members, but will be available for purchase in about 6 months.  You can find more information at