Rivendell socks

The Rivendell socks progress steadily.  The pattern looks nice in the semi-solid color.  Unfortunately, in this photo, you can’t really see the sparkliness from the silver thread.  The pattern has been easy to follow so far; the charts reall help with that.  I was thrown slightly for a loop when working the cluster stitches, but it’s an interesting technique.

While the gauge (@ 7.5 sts/in) is a little looser than I would normally knit socks, it does seem to help the knitting go quickly when each round it only 63 stitches long.

The ribbing seems really stretchy, so I don’t think I’ll have to worry too much about fit issues.  Although, I don’t believe there are any plans for anyone to wear the socks.  The Sock Museum website does not actually say what will happen to the socks after Sock Summit 2009.

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